An antioxidant-rich moisturizer formulated as a daily defense against oxidation and free radical activity.  

Day Protection provides the skin with antioxidant-rich Borojo and Baobab extracts, which allow the skin’s natural metabolic process to function without coming under attack from environmental stressors. By reinforcing the skin’s natural defense mechanisms, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and slackened skin is tightened over time. 


• Provides antioxidants that inhibit cellular degeneration

• Smoothes the appearance of lines and wrinkles

• Lifts and tightens slackened skin

• Contains effective anti-inflammatory properties

• Stimulates synthesis of hyaluronic acid, providing increased hydration

• Brightens and illuminates the skin


Use daily. Apply small amount to face, neck and décolletage and pat lightly. The crème will absorb immediately into the skin. Do not rub. Apply over recommended serums every morning. Suitable for all skin types. 


Aqua, Balanites roxburghii seed oil, Helianthus annus seed oil, Alcohol (Extracted from beets/Extrait de la betterave), Protium heptaphyllum resin, Xanthan gum, Gluconolactone, Sodium stearoyl glutamate, Sodium benzoate, Benzyl alcohol (Preservative function/agent conservateur), Maltodextrin, Tocopherol (mixed), Sucrose stearate, Carrageenan, Sorbitol, Triticum vulgare / aestivum grain extract, Lannea microcarpa fruit extract, Butyrospermum parkii butter extract, Calcium gluconate, Persea gratissima seed extract, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract, Montmorillonite*, Illite*, Kaolin*, Canadian Colloidal Clay* (*Vital Oligo Complex)

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